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Internship/Work Experience in Toyama/Japan & JCAT Program



Why not join the exciting internship program in Japan? You get to learn first about the Japanese language, culture, and food (Washoku, or the Japanese Cuisine) and then move on to the internship with payment in renowned hotels and exquisite Japanese inns (ryokans) in Japan!

The program is designed for those who wish to build their careers in the hospitality industry such as hotels, restaurants, and/or tourism. The program is so developed that you will acquire professional knowledge and skills directly linked to your future career in hospitality fields through a fabulous, once-in-a-life-time experience.

USP 外観

Logo mark certified cooking skill of Japanese cuisine overseas

Bronze Mark

Participants (bronze) such as short-term cooking classes can be acquired with the JCAT 2 week program.

program is here

Purpose of internship

One major theme in developing activities at USP is to help revitalize the region through promoting international exchange of food.

With the declining birthrate and the aging of the population happening at the same time today, it has become an urgent issue in every local region to work out actions to curb the decreasing population of their community.

In coping with the issue efforts have focused on attracting inbound tourists to local regions. No doubt that the inbound tourists have greatly underpinned the revival of rural areas, and we believe that essential to Toyama in particular are the efforts to reinvigorate the local economy by maximizing the use of "food" and "nature"― an enormous and unique tourism resource in the region.

Under such circumstances, Urayama Gakuen has been acknowledged as an official organization based on " the guidelines on certification of cooking skills of Japanese cuisine overseas" prescribed by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
the guidelines on certification of cooking skills of Japanese cuisine overseas(Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries HP)

Our mission at Urayama Gakuen, a higher educational institution open to the local communities, is to help revitalize the local economy by attracting more overseas tourists to Japan and Toyama through utilizing the certified system described above.

Overview of the program

Distinctive features

  • The affiliation with major luxury/premium hotels and Ryokans enables a wide variety of internship sites in Toyama and many other areas.
  • Japanese Culinary Arts in Toyama (JCAT) available as an optional program.
  • Japanese Language and Culture Courses available as an optional program.


At School Corporation Urayama Gakuen serves as the official agent/promoter of the program and the applicant will be matched with a work place based on the applicant’s preference/aptitude. It also offers constant monitoring of and support to make sure your internship.

Japanese Culinary Arts in Toyama(JCAT)

Optional two-week Program:Successful completion of the curriculum leads to Certification of Cooking Skills for Japanese Cuisine, approved by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery (MAFF).

Ingredients unique to Toyama will be used for the exquisite local dishes such as Washoku, Sushi, Tempura, Soba, and Udon.

sankyoson tenboudai

Check out Tourism in Toyama:

Eligibility and requirements

The following two types of internships with payment are available depending on the eligibility/visa the candidate is granted for staying in Japan.


This is for those who are eligible for theInternship Visa*The candidate should be a student of hotel/food/tourism management at a higher educational institution such as a graduate school, university, college, junior college, vocational school, etc. The candidate wishes to participate in the internship program with payment and the internship program can be accredited in the school that the candidate belongs.

B:Working Holiday:

This is for those who wish to join the internship program with payment based on the Working Holiday Visa*. The candidate should be age of 18 and above and under 30 and in this program with no previous experience of joining a working holiday program in Japan.

Other important points to be noted

  • Possible Jobs: Mainly jobs in hotels and restaurants including cooking. Please consult us for other jobs
  • Period of the program: The candidate can select one from the two choices below
    ・starting in May 2019 (6 - 12months)
    ・starting in November 2019 (6 - 12 months)
    *please consult us if you wish to have a paid internship for a full one year.
  • Stipend: hourly wage 1,000 yen in principle
  • The Registration Fee of 60,000 yen on application

Further notes

A: Internship Visa*

*FYI 1 (Japanese ):

B: Working Holiday Visa*

Note: In this program the candidate is required to have a previous experience of an internship program at a hotel, restaurant, and/or tourism institution. The candidate should consult USP if s/he wishes to have other jobs other than those in the field of hospitality.

*FYI 2 (Japanese):

*FYI 3 (English): Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan ~ Working Holiday:

*Other reference URL (translation):
For the sites available only in Japanese, kindly be advised to access the URL via Google for instant translation or use “Google Translate”.

JCAT / Japanese Culinary Arts in Toyama

Curriculum of 2 weeks Program

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speciality class hours lesson items to be covered
1 Culture
1 Cooking utensils
12 Japanese knives functions and
Dashi, soup stock, and rice cooking
How to cut/fillet fish
Basis of Japanese food
(five flavors, five colors, five methods)
SAKE(Rice wine)and Japanese tea
1 Hospitality and table manners
1 Food hygiene
Sushi 2days
1 Culture
7 Cooking sushi rice.
Maki-mono (Sushi rolles)
Oshi-zushi (pressed sushi)
Tempura 1days
1 Culture
3 Essentials of Deep-frying.
field work(Tour) 2days
4 Workshop for soba making.
4 Visiting food-related facilities.
Agricultural experience.
*contents depend on the season.
written exam 2days
1 -
practical test 3 Creation of original set menu
Examination on handling ingredients,
recipes, and plating techniques.

※Curriculum etc. may be changed.

representative instructor

Mr. Shigeo Sato

former chief executive chef at Nadaman

Mr.Kensaku Yoshida

Representative a society for the study of legitimate TOYAMA sushi

other traditional Japanese restauran of head chefs


total of ¥ 180,000

(tuition/food ingredients/transportation for the field tour)

¥ 90,000 for accommodation

(per ¥6,000 15days)

for a Japanese chef uniform (required)
¥ 12.500

meals during the program approximately
¥ 1,500 -¥ 2,000 a day

  • visitor visa and passport application
  • transportation
  • insurance
  • personal allowance for shopping, etc.

Time schedule

  • Period 19:00〜10:30
  • Period 210:40〜12:10
  • Period 313:10〜14:40
  • Period 414:50〜16:20
Those who took a short-term training session(Bronze)

Inquiries about application

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