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Ms. Liang Tian - Interview

Ms. Liang Tian left our school after the completion of 5 months training program.
She teaches Japanese at Shenyang Normal University in China.
It's a shame that she left our school because she made good relations with students and teachers.
We asked her impression of Toyama and what she was planing after this training program.

------ Please tell us the purpose of your stay in Toyama.

I teaches Japanese at the Shenyang Normal University.
I joined the technical training program run by the Toyama Prefecture International Affairs & Japan Sea Region Policy Division.

------ How long have you studied Japanese?

I started to learn Japanese when I was at college and my major was Japanese.
it's been 12 years.

------ How do you feel about Toyama?

I was in Tokyo while I studied at Rikkyo University.
Now I came to Toyama for the first time and I really liked living here.
People are nice and kind, and this region is rich with nature and food.

------ How do you like Japan/Japanese language?

I liked the sound of Japanese words. That's why I was interested in Japanese.
I admire that Japanese people show their respect to others.
They choose words carefully when they talk to the people who are in trouble.

------ How would you like to make use of this experience in Japan?

I got information of various teaching materials of Japanese language.
I will show them to my colleagues.
Our university is looking for partner schools in Toyama and I want to introduce Toyama and the Japanese culture to my students.

------ Could you give message to our students?

Make the best of your opportunity of being here in Japan.When you stay abroad, you may feel like you are a foreigner. 
But it's important to expose yourself to the lifestyle and culture, and enjoy them.

She used to be one of students who came to Japan  just like students in our school. 
And now she teaches Japanese in China.

The number of students from China has been decreasing these days in Japan and the same as in our school. But It's important to develop the relationships between both countries for our future. We believe she will build bridges between two counties.

Thank you for all the work for the students and the school.
We wish her a good luck with her job and future.



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