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We welcome our graduate!! (2)

A few days ago, we welcomed our graduate, ZHO Chunzhu who studies at Faculty of Regional Studies, Gifu University from this spring.
Her major is the Regional Studies, which has a wide variety of curriculum; economy, public policy, humanity and culture.

Now she lives at the student dormitory on campus with other international students and enjoys the school life a lot.

Many of classes she takes are liberal arts study for the freshman year and she is having a lot of fun to study them.
She told us it's not so difficult to keep up with the class.

The Gifu University provides the Japanese Language course to international students.
It looks like the Gifu University is prepared with a good environment for international students. 

She told us she wanted to join the Kendo or Japanese archery club next year.
She wants to work at a foreign company using her Chinese, Japanese and English skills in the future.

The 4-year college life will give her enough time to study and experience and that means a lot to her.
"I will work hard to achieve what I want to be and I think that improves my ability", she said.

We wish her all the best in her future.
Come and visit us again!




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