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Field Trip 2014

We went to the annual field trip on August 29th with all students of the Japanese Language Department.
Natural disasters have hit all over Japan this summer and it's really important for international students to know the natural disasters in Japan and how to prepare for them.
We picked up "Disaster-Prevention Center" for the field trip this year.


At the Disaster-Prevention Center, we experienced the rain storm, earthquakes, fire fighting training and the fire emergency. 
We often hear disaster victims say that they have never experienced such things before.
Even though it's often said that we have less natural disasters in Toyama compared to other regions, disasters may hit Toyama at any moment. We need to prepare for them.

After lunch, we played park-golf.
We enjoyed a lot in the hot summer sun.

The last visit was "Shomyo Waterfall", the one of the famous sightseeing spots in Toyama.
At the area, the waterfall mists with cool air come off the waterfall.
The river water was crystal blue and you can see the bottom of the river from a distance.

It was a really nice refreshing moments for all of us and we can get off to a good start for the fall semester! 



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