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Campus Festival 2014

We had the campus festival named "Bibitto Festival" on last Saturday.
The campus festival is produced by students each year and not only the students and their friends but also the local people can join.
The Japanese language department hosted "Culture Experience" event and the Yakitori stand.
The students took the lead in decorations guides and service to the visitors.

At the "Culture Experience", the elementary school girls tired some quizzes and the henna tattoo.
The girls were very interested in the overseas fashion and culture.

We picked 3 kinds of spices of the students' home countries: Chinese (mild hot), Vietnam (sweet), Brazilian (medium hot) and Japanese (salt & pepper).
The spicy Yakitori were sold out in the early afternoon.

The students are busy studying and working for the part time job, but it was a opportunity to communicate in Japanese and had fun with friends at school.

From this October, the new members will join our class, and the EJU and the JPLT tests will be held this semester.
Let's strive for the best and have fun with friends.



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