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Faculty Member Interview - Orita-sensei

We would like to introduce our selves, the faculty of the Japanese Language Department.
The first one is Mr. Orita, the head of this department.

(Where are you originally from?)
I was born in Osaka, grew up in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.
It has been 11 years since I have lived in Toyama.

(Tell us about your interests/special skills.)
I play an acoustic guitar and take some lessons from the professional guitar player.
I performed live a couple of times at the square of the Toyama Shimin Plaza.
  -He told us that he used to play as a member of a hard rock band!!

(How long have you been teaching Japanese?)
It's been 16 years.
I used to teach at the language school for 2 years and the university for 4 years in Korea.

(Could you tell us about an interesting story about students?)
There are so many...A student from China, he always hid under the desk every time I gave him a reprimand.

(What is the nice thing in Toyama?)
It's just a few miles away from the sea, mountains, rivers and the international airport by car.
 People are very nice and warm.

(What do you always keep in your mind on teaching Japanese?)
To treat students with parental love.


Thank you Orita-sensei. We could see a glimpse of his personal life.



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