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Student Interview - Part 3

This time, we interviewed the student from Brazil who has been in Toyama for 9 years.
She told us she did not feel it necessary to study Japanese before, and her Japanese skill had not improved so much. 
We asked how she was doing at the language school for the first time.

Q1 ) Did you have any problem by not speaking Japanese in Japan?
A1) At the workplace, it was enough for us to memorize the only simple phrases
      and some words. 
      But now I have my own family and need to communicate in Japanese time to time.

Q2) How are the classes, teachers, and studying Japanese at this school?
A2) I used to learn Japanese by myself. At school, we do various exercises and
      conversations in groups. 
     Teachers teach us by all kinds of teaching techniques effectively. 
     Since I started studying at Bit, my Japanese skill has improved significantly.
     Now I can understand things and conversations a lot more than before.

Q3) How did you get to know this school?
A3) My husband found me this school on the web.

Q4) What do you want to do after the school?
A4)  I want to get a job using language skill after I master Japanese.

Many people from Brazil live in Toyama.
We believe that she will serve as a bridge between Brazil and Toyama in the near future!



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