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Student Interview - Part 2

A student from US (Part-time student)

She lives in US for long but she is originally from Taiwan.
We did an interview how she have learned Japanese, why she chose to come to study 
at this school and more.

Q) Why did you decide to come to Toyama?

A) I've neet to Kanazawa once passing through Toyama by train and found it's a nice place.
   My sister visited Mountain Tateyama and Kurobe area and told me how nice it was.
   I have also visited Yamanashi and liked the calm and quiet atmosphere. 
  So I wanted to study at countryside of Japan and that's why I decided to come to Toyama.

Q) How did you find out our school?
A) I found the school on the web site of the Toyama International Center(TIC).
    I have no friends or acquaintances in Toyama and the staff at TIC was really kind and helpful.

Q) How long have you been studying Japanese?
A) I have learned Japanese for about 3 years.
   I took an on-line Japanese class at Georgia Institute of Technology
   and also took the Japanese Language course at University of Minnesota.

Q) Is there any difference between schools in US and in Japan?
A) You learn Japanese through English. But English and Japanese are totally difference language.
    Sometimes, it is easy for me to understand Japanese through Chinese.

Q) How do you feel about this school?
A) The teachers are really nice.
   Each student has difference goal and purpose for leaning Japanese.
   I'm satisfied with what I can learn at this school.

Q) Where are you staying in Toyama? 
A) I'm staying at a hotel at the center of Toyama city.
   You can rental a bicycle for free and it's really convenient and fun to run around the city. 
   I sometimes buy some side dishes at the Daiwa department store at a discount price 
   after 6:30!

She has a lot of energy and interests, and we could hear many interesting stories.
We hope she is coming back to Toyama someday!



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