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Student Interview - Part 1

Racy Gomes from Bangladesh

One of our students, Racy Gomes left the school for the employment.
We did an interview about his school life and the job offer.


Q) How was your school life at BIT?
A) It was good, it was an enjoyable journey.
Q) What was the difference between schools in Japan and Bangladesh?
A) I learned education at schools in Bangladesh, and It was new experience 
    to study at language school. There are some rules to follow at school,
    but I found out the new office also has similar rules like keeping a tidy desk.

Q) What was the fond memory at school?
A) Barbecue picnic. 
     It was the good opportunity to get to know Japanese students at other courses.

Q) Do you have any advice for international students who plan to study in Japan?
A) Japan is a good country, good culture and language.
     But most documents are written only in Japanese, so learning Japanese,
     especially Chinese character is essential if you are thinking about
     to live or a future in Japan.

Q) How much do you need to speak in Japanese on the new environment?
A) It will be 50% Japanese, 50% English.

Q) How did you get the new job while studying at Bit?
A) Even after coming to Japan, I've been conducting consulting works
     with the company where I used to work in Bangladesh over Skype and phone.
     I've developed a good relation with them and that led to the new project
     by the Ministry of Information, the Government of Bangladesh. 
     I will work at the Japanese IT company for engaging the multiple projects
     of mobile application.

He will start his new life at one of the famous IT companies in Japan from next month.
He told us he had job interviews for 5 times and all of them were done by Skype.

His interest is creating new mobile applications and that what he has done on business.
"Do Like what you do is the key to become a professional!" he told.
Please visit our school anytime you come back to Toyama!



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