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We had an entrance ceremony on April 8th.
We opened another class to accept more international students from this academic year and about 70 students joined us  this spring.
Let's have fun studying Japanese together!


We are open for enrollment for the 2017 school year!

The enrollment outline and application form are not updated yet, 
but the application form and the tuition and fees will not be changed from 2016.

Please be informed that the maximum number of students are subject to change.

If you have any inquiry, please contact us.

Ms. Liang Tian left our school after the completion of 5 months training program.
She teaches Japanese at Shenyang Normal University in China.
It's a shame that she left our school because she made good relations with students and teachers.
We asked her impression of Toyama and what she was planing after this training program.

------ Please tell us the purpose of your stay in Toyama.

I teaches Japanese at the Shenyang Normal University.
I joined the technical training program run by the Toyama Prefecture International Affairs & Japan Sea Region Policy Division.

------ How long have you studied Japanese?

I started to learn Japanese when I was at college and my major was Japanese.
it's been 12 years.

------ How do you feel about Toyama?

I was in Tokyo while I studied at Rikkyo University.
Now I came to Toyama for the first time and I really liked living here.
People are nice and kind, and this region is rich with nature and food.

------ How do you like Japan/Japanese language?

I liked the sound of Japanese words. That's why I was interested in Japanese.
I admire that Japanese people show their respect to others.
They choose words carefully when they talk to the people who are in trouble.

------ How would you like to make use of this experience in Japan?

I got information of various teaching materials of Japanese language.
I will show them to my colleagues.
Our university is looking for partner schools in Toyama and I want to introduce Toyama and the Japanese culture to my students.

------ Could you give message to our students?

Make the best of your opportunity of being here in Japan.When you stay abroad, you may feel like you are a foreigner. 
But it's important to expose yourself to the lifestyle and culture, and enjoy them.

She used to be one of students who came to Japan  just like students in our school. 
And now she teaches Japanese in China.

The number of students from China has been decreasing these days in Japan and the same as in our school. But It's important to develop the relationships between both countries for our future. We believe she will build bridges between two counties.

Thank you for all the work for the students and the school.
We wish her a good luck with her job and future.
A few days ago, we welcomed our graduate, ZHO Chunzhu who studies at Faculty of Regional Studies, Gifu University from this spring.
Her major is the Regional Studies, which has a wide variety of curriculum; economy, public policy, humanity and culture.

Now she lives at the student dormitory on campus with other international students and enjoys the school life a lot.

Many of classes she takes are liberal arts study for the freshman year and she is having a lot of fun to study them.
She told us it's not so difficult to keep up with the class.

The Gifu University provides the Japanese Language course to international students.
It looks like the Gifu University is prepared with a good environment for international students. 

She told us she wanted to join the Kendo or Japanese archery club next year.
She wants to work at a foreign company using her Chinese, Japanese and English skills in the future.

The 4-year college life will give her enough time to study and experience and that means a lot to her.
"I will work hard to achieve what I want to be and I think that improves my ability", she said.

We wish her all the best in her future.
Come and visit us again!

We had the campus festival named "Bibitto Festival" on last Saturday.
The campus festival is produced by students each year and not only the students and their friends but also the local people can join.
The Japanese language department hosted "Culture Experience" event and the Yakitori stand.
The students took the lead in decorations guides and service to the visitors.

At the "Culture Experience", the elementary school girls tired some quizzes and the henna tattoo.
The girls were very interested in the overseas fashion and culture.

We picked 3 kinds of spices of the students' home countries: Chinese (mild hot), Vietnam (sweet), Brazilian (medium hot) and Japanese (salt & pepper).
The spicy Yakitori were sold out in the early afternoon.

The students are busy studying and working for the part time job, but it was a opportunity to communicate in Japanese and had fun with friends at school.

From this October, the new members will join our class, and the EJU and the JPLT tests will be held this semester.
Let's strive for the best and have fun with friends.

We went to the annual field trip on August 29th with all students of the Japanese Language Department.
Natural disasters have hit all over Japan this summer and it's really important for international students to know the natural disasters in Japan and how to prepare for them.
We picked up "Disaster-Prevention Center" for the field trip this year.


At the Disaster-Prevention Center, we experienced the rain storm, earthquakes, fire fighting training and the fire emergency. 
We often hear disaster victims say that they have never experienced such things before.
Even though it's often said that we have less natural disasters in Toyama compared to other regions, disasters may hit Toyama at any moment. We need to prepare for them.

After lunch, we played park-golf.
We enjoyed a lot in the hot summer sun.

The last visit was "Shomyo Waterfall", the one of the famous sightseeing spots in Toyama.
At the area, the waterfall mists with cool air come off the waterfall.
The river water was crystal blue and you can see the bottom of the river from a distance.

It was a really nice refreshing moments for all of us and we can get off to a good start for the fall semester! 
We would like to introduce our selves, the faculty of the Japanese Language Department.
The first one is Mr. Orita, the head of this department.

(Where are you originally from?)
I was born in Osaka, grew up in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.
It has been 11 years since I have lived in Toyama.

(Tell us about your interests/special skills.)
I play an acoustic guitar and take some lessons from the professional guitar player.
I performed live a couple of times at the square of the Toyama Shimin Plaza.
  -He told us that he used to play as a member of a hard rock band!!

(How long have you been teaching Japanese?)
It's been 16 years.
I used to teach at the language school for 2 years and the university for 4 years in Korea.

(Could you tell us about an interesting story about students?)
There are so many...A student from China, he always hid under the desk every time I gave him a reprimand.

(What is the nice thing in Toyama?)
It's just a few miles away from the sea, mountains, rivers and the international airport by car.
 People are very nice and warm.

(What do you always keep in your mind on teaching Japanese?)
To treat students with parental love.


Thank you Orita-sensei. We could see a glimpse of his personal life.

This time, we interviewed the student from Brazil who has been in Toyama for 9 years.
She told us she did not feel it necessary to study Japanese before, and her Japanese skill had not improved so much. 
We asked how she was doing at the language school for the first time.

Q1 ) Did you have any problem by not speaking Japanese in Japan?
A1) At the workplace, it was enough for us to memorize the only simple phrases
      and some words. 
      But now I have my own family and need to communicate in Japanese time to time.

Q2) How are the classes, teachers, and studying Japanese at this school?
A2) I used to learn Japanese by myself. At school, we do various exercises and
      conversations in groups. 
     Teachers teach us by all kinds of teaching techniques effectively. 
     Since I started studying at Bit, my Japanese skill has improved significantly.
     Now I can understand things and conversations a lot more than before.

Q3) How did you get to know this school?
A3) My husband found me this school on the web.

Q4) What do you want to do after the school?
A4)  I want to get a job using language skill after I master Japanese.

Many people from Brazil live in Toyama.
We believe that she will serve as a bridge between Brazil and Toyama in the near future!
A student from US (Part-time student)

She lives in US for long but she is originally from Taiwan.
We did an interview how she have learned Japanese, why she chose to come to study 
at this school and more.

Q) Why did you decide to come to Toyama?

A) I've neet to Kanazawa once passing through Toyama by train and found it's a nice place.
   My sister visited Mountain Tateyama and Kurobe area and told me how nice it was.
   I have also visited Yamanashi and liked the calm and quiet atmosphere. 
  So I wanted to study at countryside of Japan and that's why I decided to come to Toyama.

Q) How did you find out our school?
A) I found the school on the web site of the Toyama International Center(TIC).
    I have no friends or acquaintances in Toyama and the staff at TIC was really kind and helpful.

Q) How long have you been studying Japanese?
A) I have learned Japanese for about 3 years.
   I took an on-line Japanese class at Georgia Institute of Technology
   and also took the Japanese Language course at University of Minnesota.

Q) Is there any difference between schools in US and in Japan?
A) You learn Japanese through English. But English and Japanese are totally difference language.
    Sometimes, it is easy for me to understand Japanese through Chinese.

Q) How do you feel about this school?
A) The teachers are really nice.
   Each student has difference goal and purpose for leaning Japanese.
   I'm satisfied with what I can learn at this school.

Q) Where are you staying in Toyama? 
A) I'm staying at a hotel at the center of Toyama city.
   You can rental a bicycle for free and it's really convenient and fun to run around the city. 
   I sometimes buy some side dishes at the Daiwa department store at a discount price 
   after 6:30!

She has a lot of energy and interests, and we could hear many interesting stories.
We hope she is coming back to Toyama someday!
Racy Gomes from Bangladesh

One of our students, Racy Gomes left the school for the employment.
We did an interview about his school life and the job offer.


Q) How was your school life at BIT?
A) It was good, it was an enjoyable journey.
Q) What was the difference between schools in Japan and Bangladesh?
A) I learned education at schools in Bangladesh, and It was new experience 
    to study at language school. There are some rules to follow at school,
    but I found out the new office also has similar rules like keeping a tidy desk.

Q) What was the fond memory at school?
A) Barbecue picnic. 
     It was the good opportunity to get to know Japanese students at other courses.

Q) Do you have any advice for international students who plan to study in Japan?
A) Japan is a good country, good culture and language.
     But most documents are written only in Japanese, so learning Japanese,
     especially Chinese character is essential if you are thinking about
     to live or a future in Japan.

Q) How much do you need to speak in Japanese on the new environment?
A) It will be 50% Japanese, 50% English.

Q) How did you get the new job while studying at Bit?
A) Even after coming to Japan, I've been conducting consulting works
     with the company where I used to work in Bangladesh over Skype and phone.
     I've developed a good relation with them and that led to the new project
     by the Ministry of Information, the Government of Bangladesh. 
     I will work at the Japanese IT company for engaging the multiple projects
     of mobile application.

He will start his new life at one of the famous IT companies in Japan from next month.
He told us he had job interviews for 5 times and all of them were done by Skype.

His interest is creating new mobile applications and that what he has done on business.
"Do Like what you do is the key to become a professional!" he told.
Please visit our school anytime you come back to Toyama!



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