Shinsuke NAGAI

  • Principal of Toyama College of Business and Information Technology

Toyama College of Business and Information Technology is a vocational school located on spacious grounds in the central part of Toyama Prefecture. Toyama is blessed with nature. In our school, we direct our efforts toward the training of talented students, and the development of their socialization, creativity, and the internationalization. We have graduated a large number of students who are now active in the international field.
Our school established the Japanese Language Department in order to accept foreign students who wish to gain entry to Japanese universities. Establishment of this department was our heart's desire. Many international students from different countries have gathered at our campus in Japan in response to our desire to carry out internationalization and make bridges between countries.
To those who are interested in Japan, and those who want to study in Japan, I say "let's study Japanese and Japanese culture in the wonderful environment that Toyama has to offer."

Message from Japanese Language Department

Teachers of rich individuality are waiting for you!

Shinichi ORITA

This school has as its main educational purpose the training of students in rich international culture. The study of Japanese exists in order to help attain this goal. We hope our students study hard and become active bearers of international exchange. We are in contact with students with such thoughts every day. Please leave this school as bearers of international exchange

Xiaodong JIANG

We do our best to support you in order that you can lead full life and study successfully and realize your goals.


Let's enjoy studying Japanese and have a blessed time!

Campus Introduction

Urayama Gakuen

Urayama Gakuen aims to foster the development of talented people whose skills are in demand at the current time. Specialized teachers who tackle new challenges and well-appointed facilities are essential to fulfill this aim. The school has been established with a consistent idea of education in each field well suited to today's needs.

Toyama College of Business and Information Technology

Including the Japanese Language Department, there are ten departments of study in Toyama College of Business and Information Technology. Students are trained in the fields of Information systems, Business systems, International systems, and medical treatment and childcare welfare systems. Focus is laid on three educational plans: 'improvement in knowledge', 'improvement in motivation' and 'improvement in communication ability'. The College has acquired ISO 9001 (a quality management certification) which is rare in Japanese educational institutions, and is striving for continuous improvement of its educational services to meet individual needs.

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