Tuition and Fees


Tuition and Fees

Please check the details for tuition and fees.


We introduce reasonable apartments. Please consult with us if interested.
An apartment (sharing a room) for a student costs JPY25,000 for one month. All rooms are furnished and equipped with Wi-Fi connection.
When the contract to rent a room is signed, the tenant must pay a lump sum amount as deposit (about 3 to 4 times the monthly rent). Part of it will be refunded upon vacating the room.
Additional fees, a further one month's rent and real estate fees (Equivalent to one month's rent), are required to be paid upon entering an apartment.

Other Expenses

The students have to bear living expenses of about JPY 40,000-80,000 per month on top of school expenses. It is difficult to study when applicants have to pay all living expenses from part-time job income. Therefore, please make sure that you arrange enough living expenses before arriving in Japan.

Living expenses and housing cost (per year)

Currency:Japanese Yen(JPY)
Housing cost 300,000 (25,000 per month)
Living expenses 480,000 (40,000 per month)
Total 780,000

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