Daily Life of an International Student


Go to school, 8 minutes by bicycle


Japanese class starts


Lunch with friends


Japanese class in the afternoon starts


Go home
The end of today's school


Part time job after school


Dinner, homework, etc.


Go to bed

Questions to an international student

2nd year at Japanese Language

How do you like Toyama?

I like it because it is a quiet environment in which it is easy to study. I also think that the people here are kind. Moreover, one of the attractions of Toyama is that prices are cheap, especially rents. It is also a good place to find part-time employment.

What do you do on the weekend?

I go shopping or chat with my friends or parents, do some research on the Internet.

What do you want to study at an university in Japan after graduation?

I want to study nutrition.

What is your dream in the future?

I want to open a restaurant in Japan.

About accommodation

Apartments arranged through the school

The school arranges apartments for foreign students so that they do not have to worry about accommodation and can live in comfort. Many students share a room with other student. Each room is furnished.

Students can arrange their own accommodation

Some students choose to arrange their own apartments rather than live in apartments arranged through the school. Although these apartments are more expensive than apartments arranged through the school, they are still much cheaper than apartments in big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

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