Message from Students


  • October Session, 2017 (1.5-year course)

I have disciplined myself to study properly since I entered this school. The teachers here are kind and excellent at teaching. I enjoy communicating with my friends from different countries. I also believe it was a good decision to come to this school in Toyama, where the environment is calm and the people are nice.

TAN CHAN MAY (Vietnam)

  • April Session, 2017 (2-year course)

My first impression of this school was the large enough and clean premises.
Here, I got the chance to speak Japanese with Japanese students in my class. It also gave me the opportunity to know other countries better from my classmates from different countries.


  • Class of April, 2017 (2-year course)

I used to be a hungry little caterpillar but have now blossomed into a BEAUTIFUL & COLORFUL BUTTERFLY. And none of this would have happened if not for the firm and approachable teachers in this University. I am proud to say that I am a student of Toyama Johō Business Senmon Gakkō.


  • October Session, 2016 (1.5-year course)
  • International business course, Bit

The courses are taught in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. My Japanese skill has improved a lot owing to the teachers' dedication to the students. I also like to live in Toyama where you will find rich flora and fauna.


  • April Session, 2016 (1-year course)
  • Toyama College of Welfare Science

I passed the N2 test and the entrance exam of a college thanks to my teachers at Bit. Now I am studying nursery at a college. I keep working hard for my future, keeping in mind what I learned at Bit for emotional support.


  • October Session, 2015 (1.5-year course)
  • Faculty of Humanities, University of Toyama

My mother used to study at this school. She told me about how kind and supportive the teachers are. Thus, I too decided to study here. I will be studying at the University of Toyama next spring. I hope I find my potentials and grow inside this society by learning Japanese.

GUO PINZI (Taiwan, China)

  • April Session, 2015 (2-year course)

I appreciate all teachers at Bit who were kind and skilled in teaching. I passed the N1 test thanks to them and am currently working as an interpreter in Toyama now. I cherish the precious days and am proud of myself that I have studied at Bit.


  • October Session, 2013 (1.5-year course)
  • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

It was not until I got into Bit that I had the chance to know people from different counties such as Europe and Asia. I found the school to have a good environment for not only studying Japanese but also learning other cultures.

Message from the principal

Kenji KITA

  • Principal
    Toyama College of Business and Information Technology

Would you like to study in a comfortable and safe city, Toyama?

You stay in a safe environment and aim to improve your Japanese ability in Toyama, which is ranked among the top three prefectures in the "quality of life" poll, i.e., with respect to moderate commodity prices, low criminal rate and fire disaster, and national disasters . In Toyama, the informal job offer rate for high school graduates is the highest in the country, and it is also easy to find a part-time job. In addition, there is a wide range of opportunities for advancing to higher education and getting employment as well.
Please do a research on this school, and let's study together.

Massages from the faculty members

Teachers of rich individuality are waiting for you!

Shinichi ORITA

  • The head of department

People will change by meeting people. You can meet people here!

Xiaodong JIANG

We care for each and every one of our students friendly


Let's enjoy studying Japanese and spend cheerful days.


At what kind of school do you want to study Japanese? What do you expect? I guess you have many wishes. For example, you would like to have detailed instructions from teachers, have cultural exchange with Japanese people, and enjoy school events. Our school fulfills all your wishes. We promise you a tough but pleasant student life at our school.


You can communicate with different people and also get to know different cultures when you study foreign languages. Let's enjoy cross-cultural understanding together.

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