Japanese Language Course

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1.Learning Japanese language at the Japanese department of the vocational school.

Many Japanese students are studying in this vocational school compared to other language schools.

2.Opportunity to interact with Japanese students.

You will have the opportunity to meet and interact with Japanese students studying in this school and Toyama College of Welfare campuses.


We conduct many events and activities, such as a welcome party and home-stay programs during summer break to help you know the Japanese culture and Japanese students better.

4.Student supports

You need to know certain rules to live in Japan. For this, students will be provided an orientation session, where they will be given information about local culture and rules that will help them to adjust here. All faculty members and staffs support international students to help them cope with their school lives, advanced education, and in getting employment.


The curriculum of the Japanese Language Department aims to prepare students to apply for higher-level Japanese universities and vocational schools. Therefore, it focuses on the four Japanese skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, and aims to explore comprehensive culture, mathematics, higher knowledge and learning skills.

Regular Student (Full Time Student)

2 Year- Course (spring admission)

This course is for students who aim to advance for further study. This class raises students' ability from the beginner level to an advanced level consistently.

1. Elementary
((Apr. - Sept.)
: Comprehensive Japanese IA, Writing IA, Japan Studies IA
2. Intermediate-basic
(Sept. - Feb.)
: Comprehensive Japanese IA-IF
3. Intermediate-practice
(Apr.- Sept.)
: Comprehensive Japanese IIA, Listening IIA, Reading IIA, Conversation IIA, Writing IIA and Japanese Culture (History IIA, Mathematics IIA)
4. Advanced
(Sept. - Feb.)
: Comprehensive Japanese IIB, Listening IIB, Reading IIB, Conversation IIB, Writing IIB

1.5 Year-Course(fall admission)

This course is for students who aim to advance for further study. This class raises students' ability from an intermediate level to an advanced level effectively.

1. Intermediate-basic
: Comprehensive Japanese IB, Writing II, Japanese Culture and History IA Sentence Patterns IA
2. Intermediate-practice
: Reading IIA, Listening IIA, Comprehensive Japanese IIA, Conversation IIA, Writing IIA, (Japanese Culture and History IIA), (Mathematics IIA)
3. Advanced
: Reading IIB, Listening IIB, Comprehensive Japanese IIB, Conversation IIB, Writing IIB

1 Year-Course (spring admission)

This class improves students' Japanese abilities to prepare them for nursing care education. Students will advance to junior colleges and learn professional knowledge and practical skills by finishing this course.

Part-Time Students

We also accept anyone who is willing to study Japanese. Those who are now living in Japan or plan to go to Japanese high school can take subjects they want. There is an option to take up just one class.

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